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Senior Dog Supplements Blog

  • Caring for a Dog with Arthritis - 10 Amazing Tips

    There are several tips that you can use for caring for a dog with arthritis. Alway take an arthritic dog to see a Veterinarian first The first tip ...
  • Advice for Walking a Senior Dog with Arthritis

    Canine veterinary medicine has come a long way in the last several years. Dogs are living longer, healthier lives than at any time in history. But ...
  • What are the best hip and joint chews for dogs?

    Those who are looking to buy hip & joint chews are going to want to seek out the best product for their dog. We breakdown the details on what what the top brands include as ingredients, how the chews are made, and where they are manufactured. Read this if you're considering a new brand for joint mobility chews.
  • Include your dog in your New Year's resolution

    People set new years resolutions to be more active, eat healthier, and improve their overall health. Why shouldn't dogs? While your pet can't set a resolution for themselves, you can set an additional one for yourself and hold you and your dog to it. Consider adding more activity or healthier diets to your dogs meals in 2020. Either way, Happy New Year!
  • Funny pictures of Dogs on Christmas

    Hand picked selection of Christmas pictures of dogs. Look at these cute, funny, and inspiring pictures of dogs on Christmas. Some seem to like their outfit, while others seem to hate them.
  • Glucosamine and Dog Health

    Glucosamine, in brief, is a type of crystalline compound. It's prevalent within the body's connective tissue. It's a big part in the construction o...
  • Dealing with a Senior Dog's Bladder problems

    As a dog owner, it is important to always be aware of our dog's health. When they reach adult age they might develop, among other things, bladder ...
  • The Growth of Dogs and Supplements

    The trend towards giving supplements to dogs is on the rise nationwide. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), as many as one-third of all p...