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What are the best hip and joint chews for dogs?


Running through the fields thanks to the best dog joint chews.Any pet owner in the market for supplements is going to want to find the best hip and joint supplement available for their dog. If you're taking the extra step of seeking out a way to supplement your pet's diet, then you're not going to want to settle for anything less than the best option.

Given that we sell hip and joint supplements, we're going to avoid weighing in on what brand is the best since we'll have an obvious bias. That said, we can speak to the ingredients and process that you should look for when buying a joint supplement for your dog.

The best ingredients

Glucosamine - This is the best and most important ingredient that you want included in any supplement you give your dog to support hip and joint health. Glucosamine is the most popular ingredient that is found in many joint supplements. Glucosamine is said to help support healthy cartilage. Since glucosamine levels diminish as humans and dogs age, this is a very important supplement for both. 

Chondroitin - This is likely the 2nd most popular supplement used in dog joint health chews. Chondroitin sulfate is a sulfated glycosaminoglycan made up of a chain of alternating sugars. Often paired with glucosamine, Chondroitin is said to promote healthy joint function as well.

Hemp - A new ingredient that has been included within dog join supplements, hemp is said to promote comfortable joints. Helping the joints to feel better and allow your dog to have better days.

While these 3 are likely the most important ingredients, the full list of ingredients goes on, Aside from what should be included, it's also important to consider the best process and formula when buying joint chews.

The best process for joint supplements

Aside from picking the right ingredients, you want to make sure you're selecting a brand that's using the correct type of those ingredients and following the best process. 

It's best if the hip and joint chews are made from as many natural ingredients as possible. Lower priced soft chews are at a higher risk of including genetically modified ingredients and unnecessary fillers. While the low price tag may be intriguing, you typically get what you pay for.

PawMedica ensures that natural ingredients are included within every soft chew we create and package. We also make sure that we do not use any genetically modified ingredients, which is important when selecting the best soft chew supplement for your pet.

The best joint chews are made in a proper facility

Soft chews are not electronics or gadgets. They are ingestible joint supplements that you give to the most prized being in your life - your dog. You don't want to buy soft chews from a company that is importing them from China or any other country with lower quality standards. 

The top quality joint mobility chews are made and bottled in the USA. Our facility is USA based, FDA registered and follows GMP standards. We recommend ensuring that any joint supplement brand you decide to trust as your pet's soft chew supplier adheres to these standards as well.

Conclusion on picking the best joint & hip soft chews

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