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PawMedica - Our Story

Meet Madison (a.k.a Mad Maddy) - a Puggle who had a reign of terror in her younger days, shredding papers, snagging food from the coffee table, and chasing after food deliverymen from time to time. 

After years of craziness, Madison (like most dogs) started to slow down. Her joints couldn't stand the test of time the same way her mind could. While still having a yearning to play, Madison found herself relatively immobilized. 

Inspired by Madison - PawMedica was born

Madison's Uncle Ryan surprisingly missed the old Madison that once chewed up his favorite pair of shoes. Seeing that his sister was crushed to see her precious Madison showing signs of aging, he sought out to find the perfect formula for improving a dog's joint health and restoring their youth. After lengthy research, he identified the perfect blend and committed to making the product with the top quality ingredients - that even he was willing to eat.

Madison's improvement from taking the joint health soft chew was bittersweet. She showed sign of the youthful Madison - which was great, but she was also back to raiding trashcans on the regular. As all pet lovers can agree - the pros outweighed the cons in this situation. Mad Maddy was back!

Looking out for the new generation of dogs

Ryan enjoyed seeing Madison's success and started to absorb himself in the pet community. He learned about organizations like True North Rescue Mission and SlaughterHouse Survivors - both comprised of amazing people who work tirelessly to rescue dogs from puppy mills and the China meat trade. Ryan had never even heard of the China meat trade before - where terrible people steal dogs from families, torture them, and kill them to eat.

He started fostering dogs to help the organizations out and adopted a half Yorkie, Half Bichon named Henry. He's a cute, yet fiesty dog, who's well known throughout his Apartment Building for always trying to pick a fight with a German Shepard he sees in the hallway. Lucky for Henry (or maybe the German Shepard), there are always people there to keep them from a fighting.

Ryan continued to foster dogs and soon became attached to a Scottish Terrier and Poodle mix, also known as a Scoodle. Properly named Loo the Scoo, he became best friends with both Henry and Ryan decided to adopt him as well. His one-bedroom apartment was quickly filling up with happy, four legged furballs. 

Ryan wanted the best for his dogs, and decided to have them begin taking joint supplements to ensure they always have a healthy, happy, mobile lives. He wanted the best for all dogs, so he created PawMedica - the brand that cuts no corners on delivering top quality pet health supplements.

When you purchase PawMedica products, you're not just making your dog's life better, you're giving other dog's a better chance at life

Before PawMedica was even created, Ryan wanted to find a way to help save more dogs like Henry and Loo. Becoming aware of the terrible conditions some dogs are subjected to was a real eye-opener. While the occasional dog abuse story makes viral headlines, there is not enough awareness of the cruelty that happens to helpless animals across the world.

The people who run these organizations dedicate the better part of their lives to venturing into terrible conditions and witnessing horrible things. Just the instagram pictures documenting their stories could lead to sleepless nights for many. Their success stories make hearts melt, but the times where the animals don't pull through are devastating.

We encourage everyone to look into organizations like True North Rescue Mission and Slaughterhouse Survivors to consider donating or at least sharing their stories to raise awareness.