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Coronavirus is Changing How New Yorkers Walk Their Dog

Dogs are making less trips to Central Park during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Covid-19 crisis is an unprecedented event. Something straight out of a movie, it has sent shockwaves worldwide. Luckily for us dog owners, it looks like the Coronavirus is not able to harm our pets. While there have been some reports of dogs in China carrying strains of the virus, no dogs have died as a result of Covid-19. 

But, the Coronavirus has had quite an impact on some New Yorkers' dog walking routines.

An NYC based Facebook group started a discussion on how people have changed their dog walking routine since the Coronavirus outbreak. It shed light on the impact it's had on some people's lives as they look to avoid contracting the deadly disease.

Like humans, NYC dogs are also social distancing

Some dogs that used to enjoy brief greetings and play time with dogs they see on the sidewalk now have to forego this activity until the virus passes. Anita from the group mentions: "We mostly walk my dog how I normally take her out except without the socializing with other dogs and people - which is sad but necessary."

Another member, Christy, mentions "I take the stairs and walk during odd hours so I don’t run into anyone. Really wish that my dog uses wee wee pads." Based on that post, I think it's safe to assume that many small dogs in NYC that are wee pad trained are following a very strict quarantine. 

Covid-19 is keeping dogs moving. Making some of them take the stairs.

Linda, an active member in the group stated that she keeps her animal on the move. Others mentioned they take the stairs instead of close quarter elevators, but this wasn't an option for Linda. 

Linda states: "On the 30th floor so I have to take the elevator. I do not let her lie down anymore. We keep it moving at all times. Wipe her paws with hydrogen peroxide and then again with water and paper towels so she does not get sick.

One of my walks is always after midnight to avoid crowds in elevators. wear mask and scarves because I am high risk but what can I do? I bought that potty grass and she just jumps over it. Most big dogs never get the indoor pee pad concept. Since my dog is big, I was hoping the grass might work but so far it has not"

Important tip on keeping your dog safe. Beware of Purell Hand Sanitizer.

Linda also shared a very helpful tip for keeping your dog safe during the Covid-19 crisis. "Be careful with Purell and similar products as it is very toxic to animals. For instance, do not give treats if it is on your hands. If people pet her I wipe her head with the hydrogen and then again rinse it off."

Other limitations many dogs in NYC are now experiencing include:

  • No more visits to the doggy park
  • Doggy Daycare centers are shutdown
  • Lack of typical routine, as their human is losing their normal routine
  • Fewer, shorter walks
  • Lots and lots of rub downs

Overall, it looks like the Coronavirus is causing a significant disruption for both humans and dogs alike in NYC. Let's hope that the Coronavirus ends soon so these dogs can get back to playing with their friends, lying down on the sidewalk, taking the elevator instead of stairs, and getting less wipe downs.

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