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The Best Glucosamine Chews for Small Dogs

Minitature joint chews for smaller dogs.

Glucosamine chews are one of the most popular joint health supplements for dogs. While canine glucosamine supplements comes in multiple forms, chews tend to be the most popular - as they're easy for the dog to consume and provide a tasty treat as an additional benefit.

But there are challenges when it comes to finding the right glucosamine chews for a smaller dog. Some dogs can be as small as 10 lbs or less - which means that a soft chew meant for a large dog is going to contain too much glucosamine for a smaller dog.

Not all Glucosamine chews are created equal

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - not all glucosamine chews for dogs are created equal. There are differences in joint chew quality, size, and taste. When buying glucosamine chews for a smaller dog, it's extremely important that size is taken into consideration.

While extremely important, we find that the size of the canine chew is one of the last things that customers take into consideration. Quality is a no-brainer, and taste is important for making sure that your dog is going to actually eat the chews, but most don't take size into consideration until the product is delivered.

We created our glucosamine chews with small dogs in mind

Chews differ in size depending on the brand. At PawMedica, we made sure to provide the same amount of nutrients packed into a smaller chew. This makes our glucosamine supplement's dosage dynamic. If you have a smaller dog, you can give them just one chew. If you have a medium dog, you can give them 2 to 3 chews. If you have a large dog, you would want to give them 3 to 4 glucosamine chews. 

Every bottle of our glucosamine for dogs contains 120 small chews. This gives you the freedom to choose your dog's glucosamine dosage depending on his or her size. 

Already ordered from a brand that packs all of their glucosamine into 30 - 60 chews? Not to worry - we have a solution. If you have a smaller dog and need to reduce the daily glucosamine dosage, simply break the larger soft chew into pieces and serve accordingly. Then when it's time to reorder your dog's joint supplement, purchase from PawMedica.



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