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Include your dog in your New Year's resolution


It's that time again. Everyone's setting and hopefully sticking to New Years resolutions. As everyone gives thought to what they want to accomplish this coming year, we recommend including your dog in your resolution.

This dog is happy and healthy after having set a new years resolution.New Years resolutions are naturally self-centered. You could even call them selfish in some cases. Stop eating chocolate, go to the gym 3 times a week, or drink 8 glasses of water are common ones. What do they all have in common? They all involved improving yourself. Improving your own human life.

Don't get me wrong. Setting a positive change as your new years resolution is a great thing. It's a great idea to set one and stick to it. Improve yourself and you'll feel much better - inside and out.

Your dog needs a 2020 improvement as well

Keeping your resolution makes you feel good. It improves your health, mind, or whatever else you focused yours around. Why not give your dog this same health boost? Make up some type of fun way to give your dog a resolution as well. No, it can't be "don't dig in the trash as much this year" because the dog isn't going to be aware that is his or her resolution. I'm sure if they did they would gladly oblige :).

How to give your dog a health boost in 2020

Unfortunately, giving your dog a resolution is going to be giving yourself one as well (it might be your 2nd if you've already set one). Find something you can commit to for your dog for the new year. It should probably be something centered around giving more time to your beloved pet.

Great resolutions to have for you and your dog

  • Go on 3 more walks than you usually do in a week. The number doesn't have to be 3, it could be more or less. Really any increase is a level up for your pooch. Taking your dog for more walks is a great way to get your dog more exercise and cherished time outdoors. This is by far the highest recommended resolution, as it's easy and healthy for both you and your dog.
  • Commit to healthier dog treats. Your dog may hate us for recommending this one, but maybe the super tasty treats you've been giving your pet aren't the healthiest. Look on the label for nutrition facts and if the treats look extra unhealthy, consider looking into another brand of dog treats.
  • Invest in healthier dog food. This may be tougher, as dogs tend to get attached to the type of dog food they've already been eating. That said, the new year is a great time to review the dog food you've been feeding your pup and consider upgrading to a healthier, yet tasty option.
  • Add high quality soft chews to your dog's diet. Soft chews come in many different flavors to assist in numerous different health benefits. If you have a senior dog, this is a great time to consider adding joint mobility chews to your dog's diet. Senior dogs often suffer from joint and hip issues that reduce their ability to live the typical active lifestyle they enjoyed as puppies. Soft chews can assist in helping your dog upgrade their lifestyle.

Overall, new years resolutions are great if you can stick to them. We know that having just one resolution is tough - but if you are up for it, try adding on one more resolution focused around making your dog's life happier and healthier.

 Happy New Years to you and your lovable pets!

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