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Funny pictures of Dogs on Christmas


You're not an official pet owner unless you're regularly dressing your furry little friend up on the holidays. With today being Christmas, we thought it would only be proper for us to share some of the funniest pictures of dogs enjoying (or not enjoying) their holiday outfits. 

1. Reindeer pug

Spoiler alert. Pugs are featured more than once throughout this list. Mainly because they are one of the most popular dogs around and because they are hilarious when photographed. Look at this pug with his silly reindeer outfit on.

Pug with a Christmas outfit 


2. Two corgi pups wear hats and scarves

Corgis are another really popular breed that photographs well. These 2 pups are enjoying a nice cozy evening surrounded by Christmas lights. 

2 Corgis in a Christmas outfit. Very active pups.

3. Reindeer glasses

The stoic look on his face doesn't instill confidence that he's going to keep those glasses on for long, but he sure does look great for the picture. Love this dog wearing little reindeer glasses. 

Dog wearing reindeer antlers and glasses.

4. Santa Pug in Christmas Lights

How they were able to get this pug to pose for a picture without destroying the Christmas lights is beyond me. My dogs go crazy when there's anything stringy around and insist on rolling themselves in it (and attempting to chew on it).

Pug in christmas lights

5. Another Pug. Another set of Christmas lights & a Pineapple

Yes, we don't want this to be too many pugs, but how awesome is this pug with not only Christmas lights, but a pineapple to boot. Such a great dog picture.

Pug looking cute in lights.

6. Reminds me of Cindy Loo from The Grinch

This is a great photo of a cute dog wearing ribbons in her hair. The attention to detail and angles to capture the background Christmas props is amazingly well done. 

Female dog during Christmas.



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