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PawMedica VIP List! Access to 100% Rebates

Join the PawMedica VIP list - it's completely free. Once added, you will get to receive every product PawMedica launches for free! That's right, just by signing up for our VIP list, every time we release a product, you will get a 100% rebate.

Common Questions about our VIP Program

  1. How does the free product offer work?
    When we release a product, we will notify you. Upon release, we ask that you order the product via Amazon. Once your order is confirmed & shipped, we send you an Amazon gift card for a 100% rebate.
  2. Is this really free to be on the list?
    Yes, we don't ask any credit card info and will not in the future (unless you buy items from our site of course).
  3. When the product comes out, do I just receive a sample size?
    No, it will always be a full size product.
  4. Why does PawMedica do this?
    Multiple reasons. The main one being that we want feedback from our customers on our new product's packaging and delivery. The other is that we're so confident that you'll love our carefully selected products that we believe you'll order from us again.
  5. Does this make my dog a test dummy?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT. All products go through rigorous testing BEFORE we ever release them. This is NOT safety testing. We just want honest feedback from dog owners on how they like the product.
  6. Do I have to give feedback?
    There are no requirements. We obviously encourage it, but if you have nothing to say about the product, that's feedback in itself.

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