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Glucosamine Joint Care Chews for Dogs

The optimal choice - inclusive of Hemp and GlucosamineThere's a reason we're the best joint & mobility supplement for dogs. It's our specialty. We've carefully researched the perfect formula for help support your dog's joints and overall mobility. We cut no corners in delivering a top quality product for your pet. 




PawMedica Joint Soft Chews are Recommended for:

  • Aging dogs with joint issues
  • All dog breeds and ages looking to maintain healthy joint function
  • Canines recovering from nagging injuries

Joint Soft Chew Benefits:

  • Promote Dog Mobility*
  • Support Joint Flexibility*
  • Promote Muscle Health*
  • Promote Joint Relief*
  • Support Healthy Glucosamine levels*

Complete ingredient list


Joint Care Chews for Dogs - Dosage Instructions

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